Gift Certificates

Give someone a Helicopter Tour and let them book when the best date and time for themselves.

Our Standard City Tours

Enjoy one of our popular city tours over Toronto. The helicopter can seat three passengers per flight so you can book all three seats, or just book one seat and we find others to join you in the other two seats.

Heli Tour # 1 Gift Certificate

This is our most popular tour. This 15 km tour flies around the downtown core from the Exhibition grounds in the West, to the Don Valley in the East and from the Lake up to Bloor Street in the North.

Heli Tour # 2 Gift Certificate

This is our extended 35 km tour of Toronto. This tour takes you further west to Humber Bay and High Park and to the North East where we fly around the Brick Works at the Don Valley.

Our Private Romantic Tours

If you are looking for a romantic tour for just the two of you, then take a look at our selection of Private tours.

Romantic Jewel Gift Certificate

Enjoy a private 15 km tour of the downtown core of Toronto and take home a free souvenir 5×7 print of the two of you in front of the helicopter.

Romantic Gold Tour Gift Certificate

Our 35 km Private tour that will show off all that Toronto has to offer. You also get to take home a free souvenir 5×7 print of the two of you next to the helicopter.