What we are doing

With the importance of keeping you and our staff safe in this new reality of COVID-19 there are several new procedures that we have put in place.

  • To ensure the safety of all airport users, all persons entering the airport are mandated to wear a face covering. This includes passengers, employees and anyone doing business at the airport. They should continue wearing the face covering until they have completed the travel process through the airport.
  • All areas in the FBO is cleaned and disinfectant frequently throughout the day. Areas and surfaces that customers touch or sit in will be further disinfectant after they leave.
  • A health screen will be conducted, in accordance with Transport Canada guidelines, and a Contact Tracing Information form for COVID-19 using a questionnaire emailed to every customer for every passenger at the time of booking.
  • The helicopter cabin is sanitized after every flight and before new passengers are allowed into the cabin.
  • Before checking in and before boarding the helicopter, each passenger will be asked to use a hand sanitizer station. All passengers must adhere to proper hand hygiene procedures. Crew members will ensure all passengers use the hand sanitizing station prior to boarding.
  • We will only be allowing a maximum of two flights in the lounge area at a time. In order to make this work, we are asking you to call us when you get to the airport. Once it is safe to do so, we will call you letting you know to come in and check in.
    • If you come to the airport by the tunnel, we ask you to wait in the main terminal building or outside.
    • If you drive across on the ferry, we ask you to park in one of the numbered parking spaces outside of our lobby and wait in your car.
  • Once you have checked in you will be assigned a seating area that is just for you and you should remain there until you board the helicopter. This will ensure that the proper physical distancing is maintained. The seats are wiped down with sanitizer after every customer.
  • At this time, we are not accepting cash. Any amounts due at check-in will need to be paid by credit or debit card. The POS machine is wiped down after every use.