What you can expect while with us at Toronto Heli Tours.

February 25, 2022

Safety has always been and will continue to be our top priority and as a Federally regulated operation, we are also mandated by Transport Canada and the Government of Ontario to have certain procedures in place. We are looking forward to having you come and experience helicopter flight with us and see Toronto from a whole new perspective.

Vaccination Status

Even though Ontario is lifting the requirement to show proof of Vaccination, we are a Federally regulated Aviation Company and must follow their regulations.

Passengers must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated, unless medically unable to be vaccinated.The only acceptable proof is a valid QR Code that can be scanned by the Verify Ontario app.

Definition of fully vaccinated: to be considered fully vaccinated, a passenger must have received the full series of a vaccine or combination of vaccines accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to your flight. Currently, those vaccines are manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

Fully vaccinated travellers must also be symptom free. They will also be required to follow public health measures in place, such as wearing a mask when in public.

Face Masks

Passengers will be required to wear face masks. They will have the option of wearing their own, however  If they do not have an acceptable face mask, they will be provided with one.

Every person who is at least 6 years of age must be in possession of a face mask before boarding and must always wear the face mask during the check-in, boarding process and during the flight and deplaning. An adult responsible for a child must ensure that the child wears a face mask.

The face mask must be multi-layered to ensure compliance with Transport Canada rules and must cover the nose and mouth and are properly secured to the head, which include but are not limited to disposable face masks; and reusable cloth face masks (including homemade masks) provided that it is made of a least two tightly woven layers of fabric, covers the nose and mouth and can be secured to a person’s head.

Unacceptable face masks include Masks with exhalation valves, also known as “vented masks”, Bandanas and neck gaiters, Militaristic masks such as gas masks, and Face coverings that cover the entire face. Passengers are reminded that a clear face shield is not sufficient as a face covering if worn on its own. Clear face shields must be combined with face covering that covers the nose and mouth.

If a passenger chooses not to wear a mask, they will automatically be refused boarding as per Transport Canada Directives unless they can provide documented proof that they are not medically able to wear a mask.


Health Checks

Before boarding, every person will be subjected to a health check by way of a questionnaire and observations to verify they are not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and they must attest to the accuracy of their answers. A competent adult may provide a confirmation on behalf of a person who is not a competent adult.

Passengers who are exhibiting obvious symptoms will be denied boarding

General Operations

Helicopter cabin will be disinfected, by ground crew, after each flight and before new passengers are accepted inside the cabin.

Before boarding the helicopter, each passenger will be asked to use a hand sanitizer station located at the helipad entrance way. All passengers must adhere to proper hand hygiene procedures. Crew members will ensure all passengers use the hand sanitizing station prior to boarding.

We will only be allowing a maximum of two flights in the lounge area at a time. In order to make this work, we are asking you to call us when you get to the airport. Once it is safe to do so, we will call you letting you know to come in and check in.

    • If you come to the airport by the tunnel, we ask you to wait in the main terminal building or outside.
    • If you drive across on the ferry, we ask you to park in one of the numbered parking spaces outside of our lobby and wait in your car.

Once you have checked in you will be assigned a seating area that is just for you and you should remain there until you board the helicopter. This will ensure that the proper physical distancing is maintained. The seats are wiped down with sanitizer after every customer.

At this time, we are not accepting cash. Touchless payment will be encouraged and any amounts due at check-in will need to be paid by credit or debit card. The POS machine is wiped down after every use.